The Peaceful Courtyard - WOJ NIEUWENKAMP

Medium: etching

The Peaceful Courtyard - WOJ NIEUWENKAMP - etching

Dutch, (1874-1950)

Etching, 1898-1910, Nieuwenkamp E25, Hubert E25 (ii/III), Braches E25 (ii/III); edition 25. 7 3/16 x 9 5/8 in. (image size) Signed and titled in pencil. Also, inscribed "√©preuve d'artiste." This is a fine, rich impression of this charming, early print. The margins are substantial and the condition is fine. (There's subtle discoloration in the left edge of the sheet well away from the image.) This courtyard view was based on a pen and ink drawing and was done in Haarlem. There were just a couple of proofs of the first state, 25 in this, the second, and the plate was cut down in the third state with an edition of 25 numbered impressions printed in 1910 by Scheltema & Holkema.      $1,000

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